Real Estate Photo Services


We offer many payment options. Payment is expected at the time of booking or at the shoot, unless other arrangements have been made. Accepted  payment by when booking is through Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. If paying onsite, please use Venmo, check, or cash. 


Understanding that life happens – please make every attempt to cancel within 24 hrs prior to the shoot. For No-Shows or last minute cancellations, the full amount may be charged.

Access to property

The Realtor, owner, property manager, or builder should  be present to allow entry to the Photographer. If this cannot be arranged, please provide a lockbox code or anther means of access. 

Weather and seasonal considerations

The weather can play a huge role in the outcome of photography, especially with exterior photos. Because of this, every effort is made to schedule work when the weather and light will be best. If photography has to happen under less than ideal conditions, there could be limitations that will be difficult to overcome without extensive editing, if at all. In this event, a change of date will be suggested but photography can occur with the understanding of the limitations given the circumstances.

Appearance of the property

All properties scheduled to be photographed should be “photo ready” this means:

  • All lights, interior and exterior, should work and be able to be turned on at the time of photography, if needed.

  • The floors are clean, carpets vacuumed, glass is clean, etc…

  • No dishes in the sink or on counters.

  • Yard picked up of debris.

Click here to see the full list of what you can do to prepare the property – Please send the link to the home owner.

If the property does not meet these expectations, we will do all that we can to help, but this could impact the quality of the final images.

Minor adjustments by the photographer, to the appearance of a room such as straightening fabrics, draping throws, or adjusting other small things are acceptable and will likely happen during the course of the shoot. Moving furniture, heavy lifting or re-arranging a room are not the photographer’s responsibility and will not be expected of the photographer.

Image Usage

All images and copyrights produced by ZenPro Media remain the sole and exclusive property of ZenPro Media. Non-exclusive, non-transferable rights are granted to the client for purposes of marketing the property and self promotion. The client may not share images or sell them to other real estate agents, stagers, designers, architects, builders or buyers without the written permission of ZenPro Media.

**Fully Insured**